Opportunity Seed Capital

We believe in investing in companies within the sports and technology industries that share our commitment for giving back to the community by sharing their time, treasure or talent with those in need.

How It Works

Opportunity Seed is comprised of three entities: Opportunity Seed Capital (OSC), Opportunity Seed Sports (OSS) and Opportunity Seed Foundation (OSF).  OSC specializes in venture capital investments specifically targeted at the sports and technology sectors. OSS offers consulting services in the sports facilities and sporting goods manufacturing markets.

OSF is funded by the success of OSC and OSS, and supported through the relationships they create with their business partners and clients.


The most valuable commodity any of us have to offer is time. When we invest our capital, time and energy in a company to help it achieve greater success, we ask that it dedicates some of it’s free time toward volunteering with one of it’s favorite charitable organizations.


We use our capital to invest in companies within the industries of sports and technologies that have a proven path toward financial solvency. The profits we achieve from these investments are used to fund the grants and donations that our foundation awards to deserving individuals, families and organizations.



Many of the entrepreneurs we invest in are highly skilled within their industry, and we encourage them to share that talent with those who can greatly benefit from it. Whether their expertise lies in the field of athletics, coaching, finances or business, we encourage the entrepreneurs we invest in to share their talents with those who can greatly benefit from it. 

Opportunity Seed Sports

Through OSS, we provide consulting services for sports facilities, sporting goods companies and sports manufacturing markets. We are expertise advisors to companies and organizations looking to create new sporting experiences and grow existing marketing and locations with an emphasis on emerging technologies. 

Opportunity Seed Foundation

We believe that sports serve a vital role in giving our youth a fun and safe environment where they can learn valuable life lessons. OSF invests the time, treasure and talent of our partners, volunteers and donors to provide kids in need with the resources to play, grow and achieve their dreams.

Our Network of Investors

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